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When Downtime Is Not An Option.


What Should You Look for in a Ship Repair Company?

No matter how carefully you maintain your vessel, it will eventually need to have one or more of its components repaired or replaced. When this happens, you'll want to take your ship to a reliable ship repair company in San Diego CA that has both the know-how and the equipment needed to provide what is a top-of-the-line service.

But wait, how do you know if you've chosen the best vessel repair service in San Diego? What makes one company better at providing hull maintenance and repair, or ship engine and fuel system repair, than another?

In this article, we'll give you a list of traits any reputable vessel repair shop should have. What's more, we'll point you in the direction of one such company in San Diego. Read on to learn more.


How to Prevent Corrosion and Keep Your Ship's Hull in Good Condition

Most people who look for ship repair in San Diego do so only after their engine, electrics, or other internal systems have begun to show signs of failure. While these components are a crucial part of any vessel, comprehensive ship repair and maintenance must also include the ship's hull.

After all, not even the best ship engine maintenance checklist in the world will keep the vessel afloat if its hull has corroded or been damaged to the point where it can no longer keep water out.

In the following article, we'll give you a hull maintenance checklist that will greatly extend the life of your vessel. We'll also help you choose a reputable vessel repair company that complies with all the relevant safety standards. Keep reading to learn more.


The Ins and Outs of Ship Engine Maintenance and Repair

Like all vehicles, ships require regular maintenance and occasional repairs at reputable ship repair companies in San Diego in order to keep functioning in a safe and effective manner. In this article, we'll give you a general maintenance checklist that will help you get the most out of your ship's engine and fuel systems. We'll also point you in the direction of a top-notch ship repair service in San Diego that can deal with any ship repairs you can't conduct on your own. Whether you're the owner of a small sailboat, a medium-sized yacht, or a huge barge, observing correct maintenance practices can greatly increase the longevity of your vessel.


All You Need to Know About Extended Engine and Generator Warranties from Cummins

Whether you’re a professional who depends on their marine engine for their livelihood or someone who needs it occasionally, the importance of having access to first-rate Cummins repair in San Diego cannot be understated. Being able to quickly deal with unexpected breakdowns will prevent considerable decreases in productivity and the resulting monetary losses.

But are standard Cummins warranties for new and refurbished engines enough, or should you get the extended warranty instead? What are some of the things not covered by standard Cummins warranties? Why are Cummins warranties so highly regarded, anyway?

We'll answer these common Cummins marine engine and generator warranty questions in this article. We'll also explain why extended warranty may be right for you, and point you toward the best marine engine repair and maintenance company in San Diego. Read on.


What Isn't Covered by Cummins Warranty?

There used to be a time when only a select few products came with warranties. Those days are long past now, and top-notch Cummins warranties for new and refurbished marine engines are readily available to both professional and recreational users.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look into the specifics of Cummins marine warranty repairs, including what isn't covered by Cummins standard and Cummins extended marine engine and generator warranties. Read on to learn more.


Everything You Need to Know About Cummins Marine Warranties

A Cummins marine warranty is the most dependable and trusted kind of diesel engine warranty today. Whether you're relying on a standard engine that came pre-installed in your boat, or you're a seasoned user who relies on a refurbished marine diesel engine, you should strive to have at least the standard Cummins warranty.

In this article, we will give you some in-depth information about Cummins warranties. We'll also answer a few commonly asked questions. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of these types of warranties, and how they can help you maximize the value you get out of your marine engine.


Why You Need an Extended Warranty: Benefits of Cummins Coverage

In this day and age, having a reliable warranty coverage is a must. Simply put, when your engine experiences a loss of efficiency or a complete failure, having access to Cummins marine warranty repairs in San Diego can mean the difference between continued productivity and considerable business losses.

But is standard warranty enough? Do you need extended Cummins warranty, and why? While we're on that topic, what are the Cummins heavy duty warranty options, and what benefits that aren't included in a standard Cummins warranty do they include?

In this article, we'll talk about the Cummins standard warranty coverage specifics, as well as touch up on other types of warranties. These include emission warranties for Cummins engines and Cummins extended engine and generator warranties. Read on to learn more.

What does the extended Cummins warranty include?

A base Cummins warranty lasts 2 years (or for 250,000 miles, depending on what comes first), and protects the owner from failures that are caused by defects in Cummins materials and manufacture processes. It also provides towing services when necessary, and deals with aftertreatment.

The extended Cummins warranty can be bought at the time of the engine purchase, within a year of the expiration of the base warranty, or while the base warranty is still valid. It extends the period/mileage that the coverage lasts for, and introduces extra benefits.

Coverage benefits offered by the extended Cummins warranty include:

  • Repair of any breakdowns that occur due to defects in design, workmanship, or materials.
  • Immediate benefit of coverage.
  • Various different levels of coverage are available.
  • Base Cummins warranty coverage (before extended warranty coverage starts).

What does a Cummins emission warranty cover?

We live in a time when people are more aware than ever of the effects their technologies and daily practices have on the environment. Because of this, the US has specialized emission laws in place that govern the amounts of emissions specific engine types are legally allowed to release.

Cummins emission warranty guarantees that the engine in question is designed, equipped, and built in accordance with all US federal emission regulations applicable at the time of manufacture. It also warrants that the engine is free of defects in material or workmanship which would prevent it from conforming with these regulations.

The engine must meet these regulations during the following time periods:

  • Five years (or 100,000 miles, whichever happens first), as measured from the date of delivery of the engine to the first user.
  • The base engine warranty.

Why having a Cummins extended warranty is crucial?

Very few people possess enough disposable income to pay upfront for costly repairs or component replacements. Breakdowns are bad enough when they happen on passenger vehicles, but if you rely on the continued functioning of your engine for your work, a sudden failure can have a catastrophic impact on your future.

By investing in a top-notch warranty plan, you will be able to rely on professional assistance and total coverage should your engine experience a failure of some sort. This safety net is invaluable not only because it prevents productivity losses, but also because it gives you peace of mind you can't achieve otherwise.

Where can you get hassle-free Cummins marine warranty repairs in San Diego?

Located near the Chollas Creek, PCE is San Diego's most reliable supplier of diesel engine replacement, repair, and maintenance. Between our extensive experience (40+ years in the industry), our cutting-edge tools, and our team of first-rate technicians, we are uniquely equipped to give you a peerless service.

Get in touch with us today if you have any further questions, or come by our premises and have your issue addressed in-person by our knowledgeable crew.


Standard Cummins Warranty: Everything You Need to Know

A Cummins warranty coverage is the best and most trusted type of diesel engine warranty today. Whether you're using a standard diesel engine that came with your passenger car, or you're a career trucker who relies on a powerhouse diesel engine for daily work, having at least a standard Cummins warranty is advised.

In this article, we'll explain why Cummins warranties are the best, and talk about the incredible benefits of having a Cummins warranty. We'll also touch on the specifics of Cummins heavy duty warranty, and what isn't part of a Cummins warranty.

Read on to learn more about how these types of warranties can greatly improve the value you get out of your diesel engine.

What is Cummins standard warranty?

The Cummins standard warranty is designed to cover the normal issues and defects an engine may experience during the first couple of years of its lifetime. This warranty lasts for 250,000 miles, or 2 years, whichever occurs first.

A standard Cummins warranty covers:

  • 100% parts and labor on warrantable failures (these include failures that happen as a result of faults in Cummins materials and factory workmanship).
  • Travel or towing in cases where an engine becomes disabled due to a warrantable failure.
  • Aftertreatment is also included.

This type of warranty is usually enough to cover most consumer-level uses of diesel engines.

However, if you're a professional or otherwise a heavy duty user, you may want to consider more advanced warranty packages. Keep reading to learn about extended Cummins warranties.

What does Cummins extended warranty include?

The Extended Warranty Program introduces extra peace of mind by extending the standard warranty and introducing additional coverage. It's bought at the time of generator purchase before the base warranty expires, or within one year of the expiration of the base warranty.

Extended Cummins warranty includes:

  • Repair of any failures that stem from defects in material, workmanship, or design.
  • Standard base Cummins warranty coverage (before extended warranty coverage begins).
  • Multiple coverage levels available.
  • Instantaneous benefit of coverage.

Things not included in your extended Cummins warranty coverage include:

  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Repair of breakdowns that happen due to customer abuse, misuse, or neglect.
  • Product failures resulting from incorrect installation, application, maintenance, or storage.

What is Cummins ReCon engine warranty?

Although Cummins engines are extremely durable, no machine that contains mechanical part is immune to wear and tear in the long run. Eventually, every engine will need to have some of its major components replaced.

A reconditioned Cummins engine (ReCon) is an engine that has been utterly remanufactured and outfitted with latest upgrades in design and materials. This assures utmost reliability and excellent performance.

Cummins ReCon engine warranty covers all failures that occur during normal use and service, and are caused by defects in Cummins factory workmanship and materials. The coverage typically extends for two years, or 2000 hours, whichever happens first.

Where in San Diego can you buy an engine with dependable Cummins warranty coverage?

Most people aren't able to readily pay large sums for expensive repairs that may occur during the use of their vehicle. Warranties, therefore, are a much needed safety net that ensures you won't get stranded in the middle of nowhere, and that your work won't suffer considerable setbacks because of an engine failure.

As a company that has more than 40 years of diesel engine maintenance, replacement, and repair, PCE fully understands the need for a reliable warranty that can solve unexpected failures without unnecessary hassle.

Give us a call today if you'd like to learn more about Cummins warranties, or visit us at our diesel engine division near the San Diego Bay.


What is Extended Cummins Warranty and What Does It Cover?

It has become a worldwide industry standard for manufacturers (especially the ones that produce complex machinery) to provide warranties for their products. These warranties typically cover a range of issues a product may experience during a set period of time.

A Cummins warranty is a diesel engine warranty offered by Cummins Inc., which is a highly trusted company with a quality track record. In this article, we'll look at what is covered by the Cummins warranty, and delve deeper into the specifics of this type of warranty.

We'll look at what constitutes Cummins standard warranty, explain why you need Cummins extended warranty, and point out what isn't included in a Cummins warranty. Keep reading to learn more.

What is covered under Cummins heavy duty engine warranty?

Cummins heavy duty engine warranty is easily one of the top Cummins engine warranty offerings. Everything from block casing to the injectors is covered for two years or 250,000 miles (402,336 kilometers), whichever comes first.

Cummins heavy duty engine warranty includes:

  • ISX15 and ISX12 base warranty includes aftertreatment, 100% labor and parts on warrantable failures, plus towing or travel when an engine breaks down due to a warrantable failure.
  • Extended coverage plan #1 covers major engine systems and internal components, as well as registered parts and labor on covered failures.
  • Extended coverage plan #2 introduces future-proofing by having options that last between 3 and 7 years and between 250,000 and 500,000 miles.
  • Major components Cummins coverage is extra-important because it shields you against unexpected expenses caused by issues that involve major repairs. It includes coverage on major forgings and castings.
  • Needless to say, Cummins extended coverage plans are valid at every authorized Cummins service location, and also backed by Cummins Care. With over 3500 Cummins-authorized service facilities in North America, it's practically impossible not to have one nearby regardless of where you happen to be.

What is covered by a Cummins Crate motor warranty?

A Crate engine is a remanufactured engine that can be bought as a replacement for a failed engine. Although this may seem unattractive at a glance, the truth is that vehicle manufacturers almost never sell brand new engines to consumers.

Remanufactured engines are basically new, with most of the internal components being brand new. They're marketed as remanufactured because certain housing components have been reused. This is an affordable way to obtain a replacement engine.

Cummins warranty for Crate engines provides coverage for the failures of the engine, or any loose components supplied with the engine kit, that occur during normal use and service, as well as defects in factory workmanship and materials. The warranty lasts 2 years, or 2600 hours, whichever comes first.

How long is the warranty on Cummins turbo?

The exact answer to this question depends on what type of turbo engine it is, and the type of warranty package the owner has chosen. A standard warranty lasts 2 years, or 250,000 miles, whichever happens first.

As previously mentioned, choosing extended warranty can prolong the coverage period for a few years, as well as provide other benefits such as improved coverage and a more extensive service.

Where can you buy engines that have a reliable Cummins warranty in San Diego?

Located near Shelltown in San Diego, PCE is California's premier provider of diesel engine replacement, repair, and maintenance. With over forty years of industry experience and multiple successful contracts with the US Navy, we are superbly equipped to give you the best diesel engine service in San Diego.

Visit us at our premises today, or contact us via phone or email if you have more questions.


Choosing the Most Reliable Diesel Engine Today

Ever since it was first revealed in 2001, the 6.6l Duramax diesel engine has been considered to be the peak achievement in diesel engine design. Although 6.6l Duramax fuel injectors are known to sometimes fail, forcing truckers to look for a 6.6l Duramax fuel pump repair service in San Diego, the superb quality of this engine still makes it the most reliable diesel engine in existence.

We've previously written about why Duramax 6.6l turbo diesel engines are held in such high regard, as well as touched upon the history of Duramax 6.6l V8 engine. Now we'll delve deeper into the inner workings of Duramax engines in order to help you choose the right diesel engine model for your truck.

Keep reading to learn more.


Duramax 6.6l Diesel Engine: How Many Fuel Injectors Does It Have?

As with all mechanical parts, wear and tear is inevitable, and every Duramax diesel engine will eventually need a 6.6l Duramax fuel injector repair service in San Diego. But what does this repair entail? Are there ways to prevent it? How many fuel injectors are there in a 6.6l Duramax, anyway?

We've previously discussed the Duramax V8 development history, listed the amounts of horsepower and torque in Duramax 6.6l models, and looked at some of the inner workings of the Duramax turbo diesel engine.

Now we will write about the fuel injectors in a Duramax 6.6l engine. The following will help you determine whether you have a problem with your diesel fuel injectors, why these issues happen, and how to best deal with them.


Duramax 6.6l Questions: How Much Horsepower Does This Engine Have?

6.6l Duramax engines are famous for their low fuel expenditure, sturdy construction, and overall quality. When well maintained, a Duramax 6.6l engine can easily achieve a mileage of more than 350 000 miles without needing any extensive 6.6l turbo diesel repair in San Diego.

The amount of horsepower a 6.6l Duramax diesel engine has depends on the specific model and the technologies it uses. After all, one of the reasons why Duramax 6.6l gets a high mileage is because it keeps getting improvements all the time.


How Many Fuel Injectors Are There in a 6.6l Duramax Diesel Engine?

Fuel injectors are systems that introduce diesel fuel into an internal combustion engine. There are 8 injectors in a V8 Duramax engine. The only weakness of these excellent engines is that they sometimes suffer from fuel injection malfunctions that require repair. Knowing certain details about your engine models, such as how many injectors are contained within a 6.6 Duramax, will help you keep them in better condition.

In previous articles, we explained where you can find first-rate 6.6l duramax fuel pump repair in San Diego, what constitutes high mileage in Duramax engines, what the horsepower differences across Duramax models are, and how to choose the top diesel engine today.

Now we will tell you about a few crucial traits of Duramax engines, and how taking care of them can help you get the most out of your diesel-powered vehicle.


6.6l Duramax Engine Repair: Is Your Engine Turbo Diesel?

Like all machines that contain moving parts, vehicles will eventually suffer wear that causes one or more components to fail or function at a reduced efficiency. For instance, your engine may end up requiring glow plug replacement or 6.6l duramax fuel injector repair in San Diego.

But what if you don’t need to replace the glow plugs or repair the fuel injector at all, because it’s actually your turbocharger that’s acting up? Knowing what technologies your engine uses and whether the 6.6 Duramax is a turbo diesel are critical to being able to correctly diagnose a problem and avoid paying for Duramax injector replacement when it’s unnecessary.


What Is the Most Reliable Diesel Engine Today?

Ever since its unveiling in 2001, the 6.6l Duramax diesel engine had represented the pinnacle of diesel engine design. Even the fact that the injectors for 6.6l Duramax diesel motor could occasionally fail, forcing owners to look for dependable injector repair in San Diego, couldn’t hurt the phenomenal reputation of the most reliable diesel engine.

We’ve already written on the topics of typical 6.6l Duramax mileage, how much horsepower 6.6l Duramax has, what the cost of Duramax injector replacement, and the type of engine oil 6.6l Duramax uses.

In this article, we will talk about the unparalleled reliability of Duramax engines, and why they are so popular among vehicle owners. Read on to learn more.


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